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JFK’s kid controller March 5, 2010

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If you are familiar with ATC live stream you might know that JFK Tower is the most loved & the most listened to a channel. It is fun. It’s good to fall asleep to these rough accents and odd remarks. Or is it?

What about a kid on the ATC waves?

Is it still the ATC chaps are being funny or is it way out of order? FAA revoked the controller’s license, the folks at atclive.net say the whole issue has been “blown out of proportion” (full article here).

You see, there’s nothing essentially wrong bringing kids to work, me thinks… Although not necessarily so when the work involves coordinating one of the busiest airports at its peak time as it was. I listened to that audio once and than again, and it feels like everybody was having fun, and thanks God they had!

Then again I couldn’t help thinking about another kid doing his dad’s job just for the fun of it & only because that’s what kids & their parents alike do. They even made a movie about it:

There simply are those jobs at which you’re better off giving your kid a game to fiddle with. MS Tower Simulator would have been a good fit. And a safer one too.

What do you think about the incident? Was it one or the press didn’t have anything more interesting to write about?



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