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Big ideas vs. red tape October 15, 2008

Posted by supersonicswan in Swan Song.
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The Jetsons were one of my favorite cartoons back in the day. There simply was something funny and very attractive at the same time about the automatised world they lived in. And yes, all these little airships they would fly… Freud would most likely claim the above to be a reason for my personal attraction to personal flying devices.

Why I write about it is because I just happened to watch the first episode of the James May’s Big Ideas series. “Come Fly with Me” is a record of May’s pursuit to find a perfect way of moving large quantities of individuals in a personalised manner. Air-borne, of course. An attachable rocket pack, a backpack helicopter and Dr Moller’s flying car are just a few features of the show.

But what I liked best was the final conclusion by James May. But to find out what he said you need to watch the episode. And you gonna like it too.