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Red Bull Air Rage? October 15, 2008

Posted by supersonicswan in Supersonic.
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I know it’s a belated comment but I just came across that videos (see below) while reading the Airplane Blog and it’s more – they were posted under the title “Get The Red Bull Air Racing Player For Your Blog”.┬áSo I do, partly:

More to be found here.

Generally, it’s P.C. to get orgasmic about Red Bull Air Race. Indeed, guys from Red Bull did a great job and the race itself is a phenomenal come-back of air shows. The basic concept was easy – take the Formula 1 racing style and apply it to little jets. Then focus on publicity and make it all look extreme cause it is easy to sell anything labelled this way.

I had the pleasure of watching London’s show in August this year (watch highlights) and I sadly have to say it disappointed me. You’ve got planes performing at high speeds between spikes and making loops etc. – nice…but just the way Formula 1 is. The sound of powerful engine is cool for first say, 20 minutes. Then it becomes boring and another 20 minutes down the line you’re just about to start begging for an accident to happen. Plus it’s wise to get your tickets in advance and show up early at the site.

Still, RBAR videos are a nice watch. Extreme is always nice to watch.

What about making a next step and allowing volunteers for joy-rides, huh?